Spelfriheten's Treatments

With over 70 years of combined experience in addiction and substance abuse treatment, we know that it's possible to change a destructive lifestyle that has arisen due to gambling.

  • Opportunity to begin treatment within 5 working days

  • All treatments are conducted digitally via Zoom

  • Significant focus on family members

  • Option to delegate your finances during treatment


The First Step Towards a Gambling-Free Life

It's often when it's already gone too far, when the negative consequences have cornered the player, that the player themselves usually realize their problem. And then tell the truth and ask for help. But it's still a very important decision, one that the player must make on their own. That's why, at Spelfriheten, we call that part of the process Step 1. After that, outpatient treatment can begin with Step 2 and Step 3. To reach Step 1, it's usually a good idea to meet another gambling addict of similar age who now lives a life in recovery and completely without gambling. Spelfriheten is happy to help you set up such a conversation free of charge. Click here to register your interest in a first conversation with a gambling addict who has stopped gambling and now lives gambling-free.