Regain Control of Your Life

As a family member and/or codependent, your well-being is often directly linked to the gambling addict. It risks dictating your entire life. Therefore, you must first take responsibility for yourself to regain control of your life.

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Why Should a Family Member Seek Treatment?

Family members are also emotionally, financially, socially, and sometimes physically affected. The impact one experiences as a family member needs help to manage to return to a healthy relationship. No one can understand a affected family member as well as a family member who has found their way to recovery. Insights, understanding, and hope increase the sense of community and belief that it is possible to change one's life. Therefore, we conduct group treatment directly tailored for family members and recommend everyone to regularly attend self-help meetings.


On average, each gambling addict has five family members who are significantly affected by the gambling.


One-third of those seeking family counseling have gambling problems in their lives.


Of family members feel worse when the gambler starts to feel better in their recovery.

How Does Spelfriheten Help Me?

Your well-being as a family member is as important as the well-being of a gambler. You have the right to receive the help you need to feel good about yourself and to feel in control of your life - regardless of how your family member who gambles is doing.


With the help of family treatment lasting for 5 weeks, it is possible to find your way back to yourself. It is also possible to develop a functioning and healthy relationship with your gambling family member.

Financial Monitoring

If you are currently managing your gambler's finances but feel that it takes too much energy, we can offer to take over the gambler's finances.

Self-Help Meetings

Attend our free self-help meetings to meet other family members and codependents who can support you on your journey.

Many Family Members Have Been Helped by Spelfriheten

I have gotten my brother back after so many years of destructive gambling. It has taken the time it has taken, but now I feel safe that he has found a solution that works and that he enjoys. Thank you so much for all the help.


Regular individual conversations as a relative have helped me tremendously with my own challenges. Then to see that my son started finding his way back to joy in life has been incredibly nice. Thank you so much for being there.


Spelfriheten has from day one been easy to deal with and always available, which I have greatly appreciated. We have gotten our daughter back, and our family has become clearer and clearer. Something we never would have managed without professional help. Thank you for being there.


Treatment for relatives

Need Immediate Help?

Need Immediate Help?

Do you need to talk to someone who understands gambling addiction and how it affects you as a family member? We are available around the clock, all year round - via phone and chat.

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Help and Information

Other Self-Help Groups

It is incredibly stressful to be a family member of someone who is gambling addicted. Often, there is a great need for regular support to cope. Therefore, it is important to know that there are more open self-help meetings beyond those we offer at Spelfriheten. In other words, you can attend self-help meetings as often as necessary. Many support groups provide both physical and digital self-help meetings aimed at family members.

Mixed meetings are open to both players and family members, but there are also dedicated family meetings. Contact the Support Line or any of these associations to find out more:

Want to know more about local self-help meetings near you? Then call the national Support Line at 020 - 81 91 00 or chat at