Your Path Back to a Life Without Gambling

By not seeking help, you risk not only your finances but above all your relationships and ultimately your entire life.


Spelfrihetens Helpline - Open 24/7, all days of the year

All those who answer calls are themselves recovering gambling addicts living a gamble-free life.

Free Self-Help Meetings via Zoom

For both players and relatives, every Tuesday & Thursday at 6:00 PM-7:00 PM

Chat with a recovering gambler

Take the first step and ask your questions anonymously to a recovering gambler.

Why is Treatment So Important?

When we try to solve our problems ourselves, it becomes difficult. It is impossible to solve problems with the same brain that created them. Instead, we need each other. To share others' perspectives and experiences. There is enormous power in recognition. That's why the group treatment we offer is so effective, as it allows us to discover things in each other that we cannot see in ourselves. That's where hope can begin to grow.


Of all players who do not seek professional help end up in personal bankruptcy.


Of all players with problems do not seek help.


Of Spelfriheten's clients are still gambling-free 2 years after completing treatment.

Spelfriheten's Cornerstones for Lifelong Recovery

Gambling addiction is a complex problem. Therefore, the solution must match the nature and extent of the problem. Treatment is therefore the most stable path to a life free from gambling. Our experience also shows that all areas of life that addiction has deprived us of must be reclaimed. It requires courage, trust, and patience.

12 months of digital aftercare

Weekly group meetings where we focus on maintaining and deepening the routines we have acquired during previous treatment. We must continue to do what makes us feel good even when we think we don't need it.

Financial Monitoring

Through power of attorney, our administrators take over the finances. Together, a budget is set, bills are paid, and work to eventually regain control of one's own finances begins.

16-week digital intensive treatment

Group therapy three days a week in the afternoon/evening combined with individual sessions and homework. Relational therapy that addresses attachment patterns and traumas, with a psychodynamic perspective and work on damaged relationships.

Focus on Family Members

Regular individual sessions, quarterly gatherings for all family members, and self-help meetings open to family members. Family members play an active role in healing relationships.

Digital Self-Help Meetings

We offer free digital self-help meetings for both players and family members because we need to have a lifelong approach to our addictive disease. Regular self-help meetings are an important part of recovery.

A Deep Understanding of the Addiction Disease

To recover, we need knowledge and understanding of the driving forces behind the addiction. With this knowledge and relational therapy, we work method-neutral. We at Spelfriheten have extensive experience in addiction treatment.

Thanks to Spelfriheten, many people now live a gambling-free life

Since its inception in 2018, more than a hundred people have undergone successful treatment at Spelfriheten. Hundreds more are helped every week during the free self-help meetings we offer.

Relapse, relapse and relapse! Still, I wanted to continue doing things my way until I attended my first meeting at Spelfriheten. Something happened then, and I got a willingness to really change things. Now I'm not chasing debts but trying to appreciate life here and now. All the support I've received from the treatment group and all the participants at the self-help meetings have helped me tremendously. THANK YOU for being there!


Two years ago I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that life could look like it does today. Getting out of a life in chaos, with lies and damaged relationships two years ago, and starting on this fantastic journey towards a life with repaired relationships full of hope and joy, where the spark of life was rekindled. There is a way that works, so thank you Spelfriheten for helping me find my way back to what really matters!


I needed professional help to reprogram my brain and today I know what it takes to stay gamble free long term. Thank you so much for all the help, I would not have made it on my own


Treatment Process

Enrollment and Sending of Materials

Once you have decided to start treatment, you will receive an email with all the information, links, and contact details you need. We will also send our physical treatment materials and Craig Nakken's book 'The Addictive Personality' to your home.


Schedule Individual Sessions

Together with your therapist, you will determine a standing time each week for your individual session. Your relatives will also be encouraged to have regular contact with the therapist for their own recovery.


Review Treatment Materials

Once you have received the treatment materials, you will go through them. You may not understand everything at this stage, but you will gain a better understanding of the treatment process.


Treatment Commences

Over the next sixteen weeks, you will participate in group therapy every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 16:00 to 19:00. We operate a rolling intake of clients, meaning the group consists of individuals at different stages of recovery, which is very beneficial for the treatment process.



Every Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00, you will continue to participate in group therapy for 12 months. The group consists of the other clients you have gotten to know during the initial part of the treatment.


Treatment for gambling addiction

Need Immediate Help?

Need Immediate Help?

We are available around the clock, all year round - via phone and chat.

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Help and Information

Other Self-Help Groups

Many gambling addicts play every day. Therefore, support in the recovery process may be needed on a daily basis. It is important to know that there are more open self-help meetings beyond those we offer at Spelfriheten. In other words, you can attend self-help meetings as often as necessary. There are support associations all over Sweden that are aimed at both people with gambling problems and their family members. These support groups provide both physical and digital meetings aimed at players:

Want to know more about local self-help meetings near you? Then call the national Support Line at 020 - 81 91 00 or chat at