Outpatient Treatment

Gambling addiction is a complex disease that affects many beyond the gambler themselves. Based on this, Spelfriheten's treatment program has been created and dynamically developed by our experienced addiction therapists, in collaboration with gambling addicts and their relatives.

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Program Structure

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    Treatment conducted digitally via Zoom
    Intensive treatment for 16 weeks
    Three weekdays; Tue, Wed, and Thu at 16:00-19:00
    Relatives are involved in the process
    Regular self-help meetings
    Individual homework assignments
    Tools and routines for a new way of living
    Weekly individual therapy sessions
    Extended treatment for 12 months, one evening per week at 18:00-20:00

About the Treatment

Spelfriheten's treatment is divided into two stages and spans over 16 months in total. The treatment is based on relational therapy with a psychodynamic approach, focusing on reviving and processing repressed emotions. Our group therapy is built on recognition, insight, and knowledge for the clients. Together, we also identify attachment patterns, address traumas, and enhance mentalization skills for the gambling addict. We guide clients to change their life patterns so they can handle life's challenges and difficulties responsibly without returning to gambling, developing other addictions, or engaging in destructive behaviors. Since gambling addiction often harms several people around the gambler, exercises and tasks aimed at initiating healing of these relationships are included. To support relatives, the gambler can choose up to three significant others who will receive support sessions throughout the treatment process. An essential part of the ongoing process to maintain recovery is sharing experiences and creating hope for other gambling addicts. There is a clear structure for this during the treatment.

Topics We Discuss

The Disease of Addiction

Choosing Environments and Company

Addiction and the Brain

Affects/Basic Emotions

You Don't Get Relapses, You Take Relapses

Attachment Patterns

Freedom from the Need to Gamble

Daily Routines for Quality of Life

Emptiness, Anxiety, and Worry

Dealing with Urges to Gamble

Relapse Prevention

What the Addiction Does to Us and Our Relatives

Obsessions and Other Addiction Expressions

How We Heal Relationships

Responsibility Leads to Freedom

Feelings Are Not Dangerous

Many players who have undergone our treatment have been able to change their lives.

What we couldn't do on our own, we can do together. To stop struggling, give up, tell the truth, and ask for help is the beginning of a new way of living. A life that doesn't stop at being free from gambling but a life with increased quality of life, inner security, and emotional balance.


So grateful to be free of the constant fear of getting caught

Madeleine, gamble-free 945 days

Treatment Process

Enrollment and Sending of Materials

Once you have decided to start treatment, you will receive an email with all the information, links, and contact details you need. We will also send our physical treatment materials and Craig Nakken's book 'The Addictive Personality' to your home.


Schedule Individual Sessions

Together with your therapist, you will determine a standing time each week for your individual session. Your relatives will also be encouraged to have regular contact with the therapist for their own recovery.


Review Treatment Materials

Once you have received the treatment materials, you will go through them. You may not understand everything at this stage, but you will gain a better understanding of the treatment process.


Treatment Commences

Over the next sixteen weeks, you will participate in group therapy every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 16:00 to 19:00. We operate a rolling intake of clients, meaning the group consists of individuals at different stages of recovery, which is very beneficial for the treatment process.



Every Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00, you will continue to participate in group therapy for 12 months. The group consists of the other clients you have gotten to know during the initial part of the treatment.


Development Curves for Gambling and Gaming Addiction

Our curves are based on the collective experiences of our clients and therapists, where we can see a clear escalation of consequences and destructive behaviors over time. Therefore, it is important to break the negative spiral as early as possible. The curves also show that recovery is entirely possible, but it requires accepting and taking responsibility for one's illness and continuously working for ongoing recovery.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the curves?

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